How to Manifest Anything You Want

We all have some goals in life and there are few of them which are so big, right?

Sometime we get scared and we question ourself that is it really possible to achieve this big goal?

Do you know about the Power of Your Subconscious Mind? Your mind is such a powerful thing which can do anything, achieve anything. The only thing is you need to have faith that it is possible. Here is the way to manifest anything you want.

Manifest Anything with These 5 Steps

  1. Decide what do you want?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. Eliminate Excuses & Limiting Beliefs
  4. Take Consistent and Focused Action
  5. Be in High Energy All The Time


This is the most important step because most people do not know what they want. There is one study which was done and the results were surprising. 95% of people didn’t know what do they want. People asked them why are they working? They said “Because everyone is working, that’s why they are working”. They did not have any goal or reason why they are doing what they are doing.

That’s why it is very important to know what do you want. Write down all the things you want, even if it is so big that you do not believe. Write down everything.


Now as you have all the things you want. The next important thing is Why do you want it. Because unless you know why do you want it, you won’t be able to achieve it. So write down all WHY’s against all your goals, why do you want that goal, what is the reason behind this. If you have the reason behind your goal, then you really will be able to achieve it fast.

However, if you do not have the reason to why do you want it, then you actually don’t want it. So write it all down.

Now, as you wrote down all your WHY’s, then write down who you will become when you will achieve that goal. Imagine you have achieved that goal, what type of person you will become now as you have achieved it. Write it all again because it is very important to know the person you are going to become.


Just think that you want to plant a flower in a garden where there are so many weeds and the garden is so dirty. Do you think that the flower plant will grow easily there. It might grow but it won’t make any difference in the garden because it will get mixed up into the weeds. So, we must remove all the weeds out of the garden before planting the flower.

In the same way, if you want to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams, you first have to remove the weeds out of your mind. Here the weeds are excuses & the limiting beliefs. Don’t you think that while you were a child, you must have heard so many things from elders, parents that “Money is evil”, “Money doesn’t grow on the trees”, “Only rich people can have money”, “Money makes people greedy”, “Black money”, etc.

Money is not good or bad, black or white, Money only enhances the people who they are. If money goes to a person who uses money in bad things, we think that “Money is bad, or black money” but money is the same for a good person or a bad person.

We must remove these type of limiting beliefs. We all want to be rich and if we will think these things about money, do you think that money will ever come to us or make us rich.

That’s why it’s so important to remove the negative beliefs and the excuses. Everything is possible from The Power of Your Sub Conscious Mind so you only have to have a clear goal and do not think about any excuses.


Once you have decided what you have to do and what you have to achieve, the next thing is to take consistent action. Make an action plan to what you really want to achieve or manifest. Even if it is big, just start with a small step and the next step will follow. If you don’t know much what to do, meditate regularly on the same. The answers will come to you.

“The teacher appears when the student is ready”.

You only need to have a clear intention to what you want and take action. Meditate regularly to connect within and the divine & you will get your answers. The path will be shown to you automatically.

Visualize on your goals on a daily basis so that your manifestation becomes easier.


This is the last and the fastest way to manifest anything. You need to be in the High Energy state all the time.

Below are the few techniques to keep yourself in High Energy –

  1. Meditation – Meditate daily to keep yourself free from any negative thoughts and it will improve your energy.
  2. Music – Listen to your favourite music whenever you feel like low in energy.
  3. Dancing – The fastest way to increase your energy to shake your body with some good music and dance like the king or queen.
  4. Pivoting Thoughts – Whenever any negative thoughts come into your mind, replace it or reverse the thought immediately with the positive thoughts. This will keep your negative thoughts away and will help increasing in energy.
  5. Be with Nature – Spend some time in nature or the animals. It will calm your mind and you will feel great.

You can also listen to the below podcast to know about “How to Manifest Anything”.

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