What I do

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Mindfulness Freedom Model

How I do?

Includes One to one call, 21 days mindfulness challenge (In which I teach living in present moment and enjoying every moment of your life.)

Why i do?

I had been exposed to a lot of personal development and spiritual literature due to my parents. However, when I was diagnosed with depression, I dedicated my life to studying different techniques of healing. That’s how I found mindfulness. And by practising mindfulness, I was able to heal completely. That was the first time I realized how powerful mindfulness is. And at that moment, I knew this was a gift that I had to share with the world. So, I started Victory Mindful Club where I help people heal and become their best versions with Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifestation.

Money Manifestation Challenge

How i Do?

30 days money manifestation challenge using Visualization, Affirmations, gratitude journal.

Why I do?

Money provides options for you to live a better life that you choose and puts you in control. Having money and being comfortable with finances also gives you freedom and options to decide how you want to live and support the things you care most about in your life.

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One to one Call

How I do?

Discovery call before joining to courses if anyone wants to clarify if this course is for them or not & how can they get the benefit.

Why I do?

Every area of your life is equally important like Health, Relationships, Career / Business, and Money. Through Discovery call, I and you get to know each other to check on which area the attention is needed. It will help you give clarity. Even sometimes we don’t know what we want in life and which area of our life is not in alignment to your goals and desires.

Free Estimation

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Neeraj ’ virtual live events, one-on-one coaching and training systems will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Inner Circle Call

Weekly call with the Community to share the best practices & the success stories.

30 Days Challenge

Monthly challenge for doing certain practices like Visualization, Affirmations etc. with accountability system to manifest your dreams.

Weekly Hackathon

Weekly action steps to change the mindset and work on yourself internally & externally.