What is life?

Life is not what we experience, We experience life what we focus on. Tony Robbins

Did you ever have a thought about this?

Most people focus on the wrong side or the negative side & they say that life is not fair or nothing is happening well in their life.

In the same way, if you focus on the positive sides of your life (which very less people do), you will find that it is normal and this is a part of life.

We experience bad things in life to learn something from it, not to lose hope or criticize our life.

We must understand that everything changes, nothing is permanent. If you are going through tough times, this will change for sure. The only thing is you have to understand this and move forward in your life doing what you are expected to do.

Like different seasons, there are different phases of life and we all go through it. So have patience and be strong to face the bad times & enjoy the good times.

Most people say that why this is happening with me.

Life does not happen to us, Life happens for us. Tony Robbins

It’s all about mindset that what we think about what’s happening around us. To a single event, different people have different story to tell because they describe as per their mindset. If any person who has positive mindset, will find positive things inside any event. The person who has not a positive mindset, will always find something negative in any event.

For example, there is a glass of water with half filled water in it. The person with positive mindset will tell that I have still a glass with half filled water. The person with negative mindset will tell that I have a glass with half empty water. It’s all about mindset and how we see any event or experience depends upon our mindset.

Moreover if any person is trying to quit smoking. If someone asks for a cigarette, one person might say that sorry, I am trying to quit & another person might say that sorry, I am not a smoker. The first person is not sure if he will quit smoking because words create our mindset and shows our mindset & the second person still might be trying to quit smoking and he is sure which is showing from his words. It’s all about mindset and how we see any event or experience. That’s why “Life does not happen to us, Life happens for us”.

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