Why Inner Child Healing is Important?

Do you feel that you are stuck in your life in some area & you are not able to move forward.

This is because your Inner Child has some issues and it needs to heal.

Why our Inner Child needs healing?

Do you remember from your childhood about any instance where you felt hurt, sad, ignored, etc.

May be you are scolded by your parents or teacher or elders & you cried but did not share this with anyone. Because in childhood we don’t know whom to share with and what? These experiences make home inside our heart and our sub-conscious mind. These things will stop us doing the same thing again.

Do you feel that whenever you try to do something new, we immediately think few negative thoughts, like what if I will fail or I will not be perfect. What if this is a bad idea. What will be having an impact on others about me if I fail? etc. etc.

These things comes from our past experiences. I am not saying that these things are bad. I am only telling that due to these things we do not take action at all or we tried and failed then we quit.

Life is all about challenges and we will fear from the challenge and will not take action the how will we grow.

Inner child plays here an important role because it is the inner child who feels those emotions or predict the results as per the past experiences or traumas. We only need to have a relationship with the Inner Child.

How can we identify our Inner Child?

1.Our inner child remembers feeling invited to a friend’s birthday party

2.Our inner child remembers being ignored and bullied

3.Our inner child remembers feeling dumb when the teacher scoffed or when we didn’t have the answer to a “seemingly easy” question.

4.It’s the part that feels understood, calm, warm and fuzzy when we have good times with others.

5.It’s also the part that feels crushed and betrayed when we are hurt, ignored or lied to, when someone hurts or betrays us.

Our Inner Child is always communicating with us… we just need to learn to listen.

How do you know if your Inner Child has some pains

  • Feeling shame, guilt or pain
  • Regular anxiety and fear
  • Unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Focusing mostly in the past
  • Trying to be perfect

Healing the Inner Child


  1. Be Friend to your inner child
  2. Talk to your inner child frequently
  3. Ask and feel if it is feeling alone, anxious, fear, confused, etc.
  4. Show this child that you are always there with it
  5. Play with this child and visualize it that you both are best friend
  6. Ask if it wants to share anything or ask anything from you
  7. Pamper this child and love this child and make it believe that you are there for it
  8. Say it that you are sorry that you felt these emotions in the past but you are there with it now and it is perfectly okay. It is safe and secure now, so no need to fear.

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